Let's do the best we can with what we have.   




My personal mission is to equip others to thrive (#equiptothrive). I educate others by serving as a speaker, facilitator, writer, and coach.  I believe in the power of desk dancing, smiling and saying "hello", that we are all "talented and imperfect", a sweat session will revive you and that a binge watch of NBC's The Office will soothe your soul.  I want to learn about you and how I can support you and the organizations that hold space in your world.  Let's partner and create something relevant, purposeful, and effective. 


Check out my feature, “Unlearning Leadership” on the Leading While Green Podcast by Pierre Quinn.  

Take a listen to my guest appearance on S1E11 of the Nonprofit Jenni Show: "Why You Need Young Professionals"

2018-2019 Opportunities 

  • Keynote Speaker, TRIO Week @Illinois College - 2/21

  • Speaker, Memphis Womens' Summit- 3/22

  • Coach & Panelist, Women's Stock Pitch & Leadership Summit @ William & Mary- 3/24

  • Tri Delta @ Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison- 4/15

  • Keynote Speaker, Fresh Works Retreat - 5/4-6

  • Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation -5/26-27

  • William & Mary's Leadership by Design- 6/28

  • Mavenly + Co. Women, Work + Worth Conf.-7/27-29

  • The Movement Church CliftonStrengths Workshop- 8/31

  • William & Mary's Women's Weekend- 9/22

  • CallRail Women's Circle - 10/23

  • AAUW Start Smart Workshop @Samford University- 11/15

  • Association for Fraternity & Sorority Advisors (AFA) Annual Meeting -11/28

  • Creative Souls Tribe CliftonStrengths Workshop - January 2019

  • LAUNCH @ University of Kentucky- 1/7

  • Phi Kappa Psi Regional Officer Training- 1/12

  • Strive Collegiate - 2/11

  • Alpha Chi Omega Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Training- 2/17

  • Barre3 Nashville & CliftonStrengths- 2/20

  • SEC Student Athlete Development/Enrichment Conference- 2/22

  • Mt. Zion Vision Team & CliftonStrengths- 2/28

  • the Leadership Retreat- GetFit615- 9/19


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Krystal N. Clark, M.Ed.

“It’s hard for me to find incredible speakers to deliver my company’s content, but every time I work with Krystal, I know I am getting a team member who consistently curates the stories, balances the content and context, and shares the big-take-a-ways. I have clients, and even audience members, who reach out to me to remind me how good she is when she facilitates. She is a combination of authentic confidence and seamless delivery, and I am so lucky to be able rely on her natural talents.”

— Erin Fischer, CEO and Owner The Leadership and Training Studio


I want our work together to be successful. Successful does not mean perfect. It means that what needed to happen, happened.  It means that what we began in the space does not end once I leave the room. It means that we bring our full and real self to every experience. It means that we honor that parts of it will be fun and parts of it will be hard. It means that we'll prioritize and focus on what really matters.

- Krystal N. Clark, M.Ed.