You own your brand. They own your reputation.
— Steven Silvers



As a business owner, the Clifton Strengths workshop opened my eyes to the deeper capacity of each individual on my team. Understanding my colleagues' varied strengths awakened me to the beautiful patchwork quilt of our team. Additionally, understanding how each of my teammate's has trigger points within their strength reminded me that as humans, we can all work beneath our real capacity. This workshop reinforced to me, as the owner, how important it is to foster an environment that builds each other up and enables each personality to rise to its fullest potential. 

I now have my strengths taped to my vanity and reflect on them each morning and evening. This daily reminder reinforces these strengths as my unique gifts and has reshaped my perspective on my colleagues' personalities. We all bring these strengths as gifts to one communal table, and it is up to us as a team to encourage, support, and bring out the best of these strengths in one another.

— Holly Coltea, barre3 Nashville Owner


I had the opportunity to work with Krystal when she was the lead facilitator for University of West Georgia and Emory University’s Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Retreat. I served as a small group facilitator and Krystal did a great job training us, listening to our perspective as staff members of these institutions, and asking questions about what she can do to assist in moving the communities forward. When the students arrive to the retreat, she was friendly and welcoming and they connected with her instantly. Krystal is not afraid to challenge your students when they need it the most and support them when they need it even more. She does not come with a cookie cutter curriculum that she facilitates at every school – she will get on the phone with you to see what your community needs and utilize all of her skills to provide a customized curriculum. Amazing! I adore Krystal and would hire her again in a heartbeat!


—Victoria Chan-Frazier, Assistant Director of Student Conduct at Emory University



Krystal Clark is a one of a kind facilitator. She relates well with students and is able to get on their level and take them to her level. She meets the student where they are at, but doesn’t celebrate mediocrity with them. Her energy level is contagious and her love for students raising the bar to be better is unmatched.

From my personal experience, Krystal created a custom curriculum for my fraternity and sorority community. I called Krystal and said I wanted a weekend retreat that accomplishes the follow outcomes and goals and within a week she had a draft outline for the weekend and it was all uphill from there. Her personal and professional approach was one of the best weekend retreats that I have ever witnessed. If you are looking for something fresh, creative, and motivating then Krystal is the person for you. Krystal does not settle for status quo and won’t let you either.

Feel like your community programming is in a rut? Consider Krystal Clark for an innovative and creative spin on your curriculum.

— Michael Steele, Assistant Director Office of Community and Ethical Standards at Clemson University

I first saw Krystal speak at the Women, Work, and Worth conference in Atlanta. I was so compelled by her message that I sent her an email while she was still on stage. Krystal traveled to Atlanta to speak at our corporate women's group. Our group tackles issues like compensation and the wage gap, pregnancy in the workplace, and work-life balance. Krystal's message to our group was both inspiring and actionable. The feedback afterward was all decidedly positive, and our group felt energized to go achieve their goals and supported through the process.

— Carolyn Lyden , Lead SEO at Search Hermit LLC

Take a listen to my conversation with Dr. Alvin. Honored to be named one of Nashville’s 100 Leading African Americans in 2018.