Today is April 2nd. 

How did we get so far into 2018 so fast? 

I enjoy beginning each month taking a gander at the big picture for the next 30 days. What's on my calendar? What needs to be removed from my calendar? What projects do I need to accomplish? What time do I need to prioritize to prepare for these projects? Who do I get to spend time with during the month? Am I traveling? Do I have any open time during my travel to plan an adventure or two? Do I have the wardrobe I need to accomplish ALL of the THINGS? It's also a great time to set some goals or at least positive intentions for the 4th month of 2018. 

One of my goals this month is to get back into the gym. I've fallen entirely too far off the wagon. My excuses include time, time, a lack of ability to shower at chosen fitness studio, the inappropriate nature of a sweaty Krystal at an event post workout, time, my hair, and time. 

Action: Taking advantage of a low-cost two-week new customer trial at Vigor Fitness. I always have a positive experience at Vigor and I like three key things: 1. I can take a SHOWER! 2. The studio offers a variety of classes. I have realized that my attention span is shrinking and doing the same workout day in and day out is causing me to lose excitement. This week alone I'm doing a WERQ Fitness dance class, BUTI Yoga, HIIT Power Hour, Mat Pilates, and IGOCYCLE. 3. The owner is a total BOSS who happens to be a woman! I love supporting local women business owners in Nashville. 

Oh, I turn 35 tomorrow. Not really a goal (I mean, I have a general goal to stay alive for as long as possible), but my goal is to not think about it too much. I don't want to get all mental about turning one year older and still feeling like I haven't accomplished all that I wanted to by this time in my life. My life is pretty great. So, let's not get caught up on technicalities. I'm ENOUGH and 35 is still young. What God has for me is for me and he's given me my fair share of blessings. Moving on...

Action: Spending my day taking care of myself and doing work for an organization I love. Treating myself to fun things on my quick drop-in to Dallas, TX. Accepting whatever love comes my way and being grateful for all of it. 

I go to a lot of events and April is no exception. My goal is to really enjoy all of them and not force anything when it comes to humans. I want to spend time with my friends. I want to wear pretty dresses. I want to donate to what moves my heart. I don't want to whine about anything or let the whining of anyone else steal my joy. April is a busy month in Nashville to support great causes. I'm thankful to be "in the mix". 

Action: Plan my ensemble the night before the event. Accept that traffic and parking woes are a part of the city I love. Sit beside people who make me giggle. Take pictures that I'll actually care about looking at post the event. Know that nonprofits need to raise money so don't get all eye rolly when they make "the ask". Don't feel pressured to bid at the auctions. Be cordial but don't go overboard. 

I hate car stuff. Like, I hate car stuff A LOT. When I have to take my car in for service, my heart gets all fast and I walk in frustrated even before the sweet guys have said a jolly "Good Morning, Ms. Clark!" I need a car, I'm blessed to have a car, and I'm thankful that the people at Nelson Mazda are always the sweetest humans who don't bat an eye at my grumpiness. My goal is to breathe and just know that things happen to cars and that's just a fact. They are machines and need maintenance just like humans. Without my car, I couldn't live my life. 

Action: Get a good night's sleep the night before my appointment. Don't spend too much money before my appointment next week. Clean my car out and take a good book with me to read as I wait for the results. 

I have two presentations in April. Both for Tri Delta in Dallas, TX and Madison, WI. My goal is to do really well and provide quality diversity & inclusion education for the women I get the honor of holding space for this month. I love being a part of Tri Delta and that they trust me to work with our collegians and volunteers on such important work. 

Action: Spend quality time preparing for the presentations. Rehearse. Get creative and don't be afraid to add some flavor. Give grace to myself and accept that I'm not perfect. Have fun before, during, and post the presentations. Think about my audience. 

I only have two months left as President of the Junior League of Nashville. WHAT?! There's some great opportunities coming up this month in the League and my goal is to bring all of my strengths to the table in helping them to be effective for our members. We have a strategy session, our Past Presidents' Luncheon, a joint Board/Management Team meeting, our in-home General Membership Meetings, a Board of Trust meeting, and one of our biggest fundraisers. Whew! Also, I get to celebrate with my other President sisters in Memphis at our Annual Conference. 

Action: PLAN. Except that perfection isn't a thing. Enjoy the moments. Connect with the people and invest in the process. Know that outcomes are often not all up to me but are also a responsibility of the other people in the room. Focus on the mission. Realize that I've made it this far and I can do this as best as I possibly can for 59 more days. Also, I really want to have fun in Memphis and let my hair down a bit. We're about to land the plane! 

Okay, I think that's enough for one month. Wish me luck, send me your thoughts and prayers, and all the positive vibes. It's helpful to get this out on paper and I encourage you to do the same. 

What are you up to this month? 

Thank you to Edgehill Cafe for fueling me during this post. 


Happy April! 


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