Currently in the airport hoping that my flight takes off and gets me to Dallas, TX. It’s a blessing and a curse to have a brother who’s an air traffic controller. His eyes are literally always on the skies.

Here are my 3 for Thursday:

away luggage.jpg

My AWAY bag. I just wanted to be a chic traveler. I usually purchased luggage from Target, Wal-Mart or took family hand-me-downs. Also, not knocking any of these selections BUT I was ready for a bit of an upgrade. I also just love the upright rolling. It just screams “she’s got it together” as I navigate the treacherous terminals. Ha!  I travel more than I ever thought I would in my life and I wanted something durable, manageable, cute, and that wouldn’t return to me soaked through by whatever liquid it encountered should I happen to check it at the airport. I mean, I’ve lost wheels on my luggage, holes, and broken zippers and handles, etc. The airport and I are quite hard on luggage.

  Other reasons I love it include:

  •  Capacity (I’ve really used every last inch of this bag.)

  • Compartment for worn/soiled clothes (It helps to keep those gym clothes separated from all the clean items.)

  • Ability to charge my electronics (Sometimes, an outlet is hard to find.)

 I have The Bigger Carry-On in Navy and am looking to invest in The Medium. There’s also monogram, pocket, and battery options. Yes, it is way more expensive than my old luggage and I’ve found that I’ve already gotten my money’s worth or rather my brother’s money’s worth out of this bag. Luggage is a great Christmas present for your little sister :).

I need options. Rarely can I pack a couple of pieces and find solace in my ability to make it work no matter the destination. This bag fits most overheads and doesn’t make me sacrifice too much of my haul. It’s been with me to Cuba, Mexico City, Dallas, Omaha, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Chicago, Lexington, Williamsburg, Portsmouth, and likely some places I’ve forgotten.

harpers bazaar serena.jpg

Column: Put this Serena Williams quote on all the motivational posters. The world needs to hear it. – Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune

Just read it. Stop waiting on feeling welcomed and just keep winning.

Athletes that identify as women and happen to be signed with Nike are everything at the moment. Megan Rapinoe and Serena Williams are GOATS. BDE has been replaced with MRE. I’m in awe. I’m also in hella awe of Serena’s latest Harper’s Bazaar cover. Just stunning. Doing squats as I type. Not really but thinking about it pretty hard.

I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that in most circles I’ll never be welcomed due to my social identities and you know what, FUCK ‘EM ALL! I’ll just keep winning. Now watch this commercial , cry, and go fuck some shit up!



I don’t usually give beauty advice but I’m a huge fan of Glossier products. Glossier is run by another boss of a woman, Emily Weiss, CEO. If you watched The Hills, you know Emily Weiss. She was the intern who put LC and Whitney to shame. She knew all the flowers!

Glossier is all about “democratizing beauty” and putting the customer in the driver seat of her beauty routine. Also, if you’re looking for a masterclass in packaging, just order some Glossier.

My favorite products are below and the prices are pretty reasonable. The products feel luxe and my skin has only had favorable reactions.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Priming Moisturizer

Balm DotCom


Glossier You

 If you’re looking to change up your skincare routine or add some fun products in your rotation, check out Glossier. This is coming from a woman who most recently used Aveeno, so I’m pretty “of the people” when it comes to skincare.

Let me know if you decide to check out any of my offerings and if they add anything to your life. All that I hope is that whatever books you read, tools you use, or sites you visit, that you’re thriving in life in whatever way is best for you. I simply want you to win.

See ya next Thursday!!!