Today, I’m giving you three items to watch or listen to depending on how you roll…

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If you haven’t heard, Brene Brown and Russell Brand did a podcast together and it’s worth the 80 minutes of your life that it will take to watch it, at least the first time around and you’ll need to budget some time for a rewatch, notetaking, and then another rewind or four. I haven’t kept up with Russell Brand since he and Katy Perry called it quits and I used to find him pretty funny. I’m tempted to listen to more of his podcasts since he has quite a quality roster of guests, 1.7M subscribers on YouTube, and said some really thought provoking things during this interview. Who knew?!  Brene was as Brene is and I heard some new nuggets today that reaffirms my interest in and respect of her and her work.

Under the Skin: Vulnerabilty & Power


Are people really doing the best they can? (7:12) – Check out this section if you’re looking for a quick fix .


It’s one of my guiding philosophies and the advice I offer to anyone I connect with in this world. It’s what my mother always told me when I was in school and still today, “Do the best you can with what you have.” Are people following through with this plea? Is this Agreement offered in the Four Agreements (remember, last week?) truly being upheld by everyone your encounter? Gosh, I like Steve’s conclusion. Assuming positive intent gets me through the day.

So many other great takeaways and for the sake of brevity, I’ll save those for a future blog post.


Marie Forleo’s “Everything is Figureoutable” SuperSoul Session hosted by Oprah Winfrey



I’m all about all things Marie Forleo and you could go down a pretty healthy wormhole on her website and YouTube Channel. She also has a book that you can Pre-Order over on Amazon coming out very soon called, “Everything is Figureoutable”.

I think we often make things that are quite possible impossible by the way we approach whatever obstacle (big or small) in our path. We think because we don’t know 1 step out of 50 that we have no hope of being successful. The mantra of “Everything is Figureoutable” has freed me to say “yes” to some things that in the past I might have passed on because I know that I have full capacity to figure most things out in this world. Just because I don’t know something on Tuesday doesn’t mean I can’t know it by Friday. We have everything we need to be successful including asking for help and watching YouTube videos which is where most answers hide these days.



I enjoy watching some sports.

I don’t enjoy playing any sports.

I mean, I was a high school cheerleader and I loved every minute of that experience. I still reminisce about those basket tosses.

What I really love is learning about sports and the backstory of teams and athletes. As a higher education professional, I’m especially interested in collegiate athletics.  I always want to go behind the scenes of the herculean feats that we see on TV. Athletes are our modern day superheroes and many of them have gone through quite the struggle to become who they are today. There are incredible rises and dastardly falls. When you’re looking for a story of resilience, tune into a sports documentary. I never walk away from one uninspired and in deep reflection about my life.

Any of ESPN’s 30 for 30 is worth a watch. There’s also a great 30 for 30 Podcast. Season 3 is all about the scandal behind Bikram Yoga and since we’re all turned in to soccer this summer, the latest episode from Season 4 is all about the Women’s United Soccer Association. 30 for 30 has become my Lifetime or Hallmark Movies. I could watch/listen to them all day. Many I’ve watched more than twice. I’m looking forward to taking a day this summer and catching up on all the newest releases including Qualified about Janet Guthrie, the first woman to qualify for Indy 500.  ESPN did a series called Nine for IX in honor of Title IX that digs into some of the best stories about women in sports.

30 for 30 Favorites:

The U – Broke - You Don’t Know Bo - I Hate Christian Laettner - Fantastic Lies - The Fab 5 - No Mas - Small Potatoes - Requiem for the Big East - Ghosts of Ole Miss - Catholics vs Convicts - Pony Express

 It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan or not. These are intensely human stories and we can all glean something from their journeys.

Okay, so now you have a ton of watching and listening to do this week. Tune in during your daily commute, a workout, or plop down in a comfy spot. Use these for your next workshop or pass them along to folks who you know need to hear the message.

Let me know if you decide to check out any of my offerings and if they add anything to your life. All that I hope is that whatever books you read, tools you use, or sites you visit, that you’re thriving in life in whatever way is best for you. I simply want you to win.

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