What is 3xTHRIVE ?


My top Strength (CliftonStrengths) is Input and the short description of people like me is that we “have a craving to know more and often like to collect and archive all kinds of information”.

I’m a reader and buyer of books, easily fall down Internet wormholes, save a large quantity of posts on Facebook, and email links to myself all day long. My office and my home are full of information. I struggle to dispose of things with the hopes that it will come in handy at a later date. I still have worksheets from college. Part of my Input is that I not only love to collect information, I love to share it with others. I want to offer you the perfect resource to help you solve whatever conundrum you might find yourself. My personal mission of “equip to thrive” is my Input in action. I’ll always have an article or podcast suggestion and if I’m speaking, I will reference at least four texts that you just have to read. There’s so much glorious information in the world and I want it all.

People always ask me how I know what I know and I promise you, it ain’t all that hard.

3xTHRIVE is my opportunity to provide you with 3 resources each Thursday that I hope by taking advantage of them will “equip you to thrive”. These might be items related to speaking/facilitation, health & movement, entertainment, what’s fueling me to make the most out of life, and always personal, professional, and leadership development. This is a way to invest in further developing my Input while also investing in you.

Why 3? It’s become my favorite number. I was born on the 3rd day of April in 1983, I’m a Delta Delta Delta, the delta is a 3 sided symbol that in math means change and I want to be a part of making positive change in this world and helping others do the same in their lives, there were 3 humans in my house growing up (mama, brother, and me), and my favorite F1 driver is #3, Mr. Daniel Ricciardo who drives for Renault and is quite dreamy. Also, y’all 3 is all I can manage at the moment.

Check back each Thursday and get you some information. I’d also love to know your must-reads, must-dos, must-views, and must-haves. Let’s fill each other’s cup!

3xTHRIVE launches next Thursday!


Are you ready for it? -- 3xTHRIVE Thursday is HERE!